Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened as We Left on Our Road Trip...

Today, we took Violet on her first road trip. Good GOD, there's a lot to pack when you're taking a baby somewhere for more than a few hours.

But this post is about before we actually started driving to our destination. Before that, we had to stop at a friend's house. I'm watching her cat while she's away, and I wanted to check on the cat one more time, since we would be gone for three days. We were running behind schedule, so Linda planned to breastfeed Violet in the front seat of the car while I checked on the cat.

My friend also has someone else mowing her lawn and filling her bird feeders for her, and this man happened to be there when we pulled in. I've run into him before; an older, quiet, extremely friendly and unassuming fellow. Every time I've seen him, he's wearing overalls and a beat up baseball cap, and he gives me a big grin and a wave. For some reason, I've never found out his name. Sometimes, we exchange a few pleasantries, sometimes not. Today, we didn't. I waved as I went in to the house, and he waved back from the garage, where it looked like he was getting ready to mow.

I spent maybe 10 minutes in the house, filling food and water bowls, cleaning litter boxes. When I came out, Linda still had Violet in the front seat with her, a bemused smile on her face. I opened the car door, and Linda nodded at the driver's seat. I looked down, and there was a pile of cucumbers. Apparently, while I was in the house and Linda was feeding Violet, the man had come over, and knocked on the driver's side door. He smiled and waved a hello. Linda gave him a hesitant wave back, fumbling to cover up. He raised up a finger, as if telling her to hold on, and disappeared. He reappeared a few seconds later, opened the door, and deposited the veggies on the driver's seat. Linda, still not quite sure what was happening, stammered,"Thank you," and he was gone. Linda doesn't know if he realized what was going on, but the cucumbers were beautiful.

269 days old

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