Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making a Mountain Out of Peek-A-Boo

We are in the Adirondacks with Violet. A friend invited us up to stay with her for a few days, and Violet has been a wonderful traveling companion. She did, however, chose today to startle the father in me. She caught me off guard, unprepared for what has happened in the past 24 hours: another new tooth has appeared, she's started playing peek-a-boo, and this afternoon around 3 PM while we ate lunch at a tiny table in the window of Nori's in Saranac Lake, she spontaneously started waving in response to our friend waving at her. New teeth, crawling, laughing, sleeping through the night, all of those milestones are wonderful and memorable. Good stuff, but there's something immensely pleasing about her playing peek-a-boo and waving, about her making a decision to have an interaction with a specific person. The look in her eye, the desire to do this new thing over and over again - it was like watching a mountain range form in the matter of a moment.

270 days old


  1. Like witnessing evolution!

  2. Thanks, Caryn!

    Tony - I agree, only it's much cuter...