Monday, November 22, 2010

A-weeping and A-wailing

We were able to play our own music in the delivery room, and we set it to shuffle through various songs on Linda's iPod. A few moments after Violet was born, this song happened to come on...

"Blake's View" by M. Ward

Death is just a door, Blake said it first
It's just another room we enter, it's a threshold that hurts
Birth is just a chorus, death is just a verse
In the great song of spring that the mockingbirds sing
We come and we go, a-weeping and a-wailing
Our heads in the hands of the nurse
Well, put your head on my shoulder, baby, tell me where it hurts
You say you lost your one and only, could it get any worse?
I said, "Death is just a door, you'll be reunited on the other side"
Yeah, death is just a door, you'll be reunited by and by

It made me think of my mom, wondering what she might think of her grandaughter, and how it felt to be in that room at that moment, holding my daughter in my arms.

We are home. Tired, happy, and very much in love.

2 days old.

I also wanted to thank everyone out there for all of your heartfelt comments, congratulations, and compliments. We feel blessed to have Violet and all of you looking over our shoulders.


  1. Bill - My Mom has been gone almost 22 years; I miss her hourly still. Becoming a parent has granted me new windows into knowing her. Things make me alternately laugh and cry, and it is always unexpected.

  2. I'm glad the new mom and dad are home with baby violet.

  3. Caryn - thank you for that. I don't know if I've ever missed my mom so much as I did the night Violet was born - and I think I'll miss her more as Violet grows up.

    Tony - can't wait for you to meet Violet!