Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Watched Pot Never Boils

The advice I've received today on making the baby come sooner:

1. Have sex. (I told Linda we'd have to rig up a pulley system. Luckily, she found my comment funny)

2. Drink a special blend of herbal tea and go for a long, long walk.

3. Drink raspberry tea and take a hot shower while stimulating the nipples. (I'm assuming they meant Linda's and not mine)

4. Go for a walk on railroad tracks

5. Eat spicy food and then have sex.

I got home late tonight, but I still ran these by Linda. She had some chocolate and went to bed.

9 days until baby


  1. These are too funny! The only one I can attest to,though, is the walk. The day before Gina was born her mother and I were at the Erie County Fair. We walked for hours and ate all the wrong food (maybe thats a hint). The next day we were at the hospital at 8:00 pm. Gina was born at 8:40. Walk Linda, walk!!

  2. not raspberry tea- red raspberry LEAF tea (not as tasty) & Evening Primrose Oil Capsules (orally or internally)

  3. Taking the dog for an unusually long walk worked for me. I always wondered if the process was already in motion....

  4. TV - Linda and I have had a TON of people tell us how great walking can be to bring on labor, but Linda's reluctant. She said she gets winded walking to the bathroom, so the idea of a walk? She's not so excited about it.

    Jane - Right. I've actually had Linda drinking raspberry leaf tea since the end of the second trimester. From my herbalist days, I knew it strengthens and tones the uteran wall, and I've had many women on my walks say that when they dilligently drank it every day, they had much easier births. Linda doesn't like it, though, so she's been less than dilligent.

    Anne - Most of what we've read says that there's no clinical proof of walking's effect on inducing labor, and that in most cases, labor was probably already on it's way, but I can't tell you how many people swear by it. If I can get Linda out this weekend, we just might be parents by Monday!