Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Violet has Left the Building

Violet visited my class today. My students held a Publishing Party, sharing the stories they'd created over the past few weeks, and during preparations yesterday, one of my students asked if Violet and my wife could come. The request surprised me. I hadn't thought of inviting them, nor had I mentioned the possibilty of them coming to the class, but second graders think in their own, unique ways. I liked the idea, and I knew Linda had off. I told my students I would ask her.

And a little after 9:30 am this morning, as my students gathered on the rug with their handmade books, Linda and Violet came into the classroom. It was odd to teach in front of my wife and daughter. The teaching side of myself  is a side that I rarely present to my family. It was a strange experience, but when the Publishing Party was over and Violet and Linda had left, one of my students said it had been like "having rock stars visit the classroom."

 353 days old

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