Friday, November 11, 2011

Opening the Time Capsule

One year ago, I wrote a post containing a list of questions. They were questions I had for the coming year, and I promised that I would return to them one year later. Here we are…

Will we find a new place to call home? Will we be moved in? No and no. Linda and I have looked at only a handful of houses. I’m holding out for a house with woods - or at least a house adjacent to woods – that Violet will be able to turn into her own approximation of the Hundred Acre Wood. We’ve found some houses with nice woods, but the houses aren’t so nice, and vice versa. Last year at this time, finding a house seemed more likely because I wasn’t thinking how the school district would factor into our decision. Our search continues…

What will be the color of our baby's hair? His/her eyes? Her hair started out brown, then it all fell out, and now it’s blond (just like mine was at her age, then it turned brown). I don’t care what color it turns out to be, just as long as it stays in. Her eyes have been blue from the start.

Will our baby be sleeping through the night? Will we? Yes and yes! Although Linda might dispute this point. Violet goes down beautifully at 8 pm each night and usually sleeps until at least 5:30 AM, at which point she wakes up to nurse. She might nurse for half an hour, maybe an hour, and then she typically goes back to bed until 7 or 8. Either way, Linda’s still getting up at 5:30 most days and not really getting back to sleep. From my perspective, however, Violet is sleeping through the night.

Will Linda and I still have the relationship that we do now, or what changes will the baby bring? I look at this question and shake my head, wondering how I could’ve considered the possibility that having a child would not change our relationship. It’s better, it’s worse – it’s different.

Will Linda let me touch her again (y'know, in THAT way), or will she be sleeping with a baseball bat? Most nights, the bat is unnecessary. Baby-induced fatigue and said baby in the crib three feet away are effective anti-aphrodisiacs.

Will I still have a job? I was worried about this last year because my school district, like many others, was waist deep in a budget shortfall, and teacher cuts were a possible piece of the solution. Cuts have occurred the past few years, so I’m near the bottom of the seniority list. I made it through last year, but my job is still not secure. There could be more cuts announced this spring.

What will a day in our life look like? I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Will we be going out one night a week, like I'm planning on now? Nope. At the time I wrote this question, I could not conceive of the preparation that is required for an evening out. The bags, the toys, the driving. Some might say that we’re just being lazy. I could not argue with that.

Thanks to Grandma for the great pic!
355 days old

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