Friday, November 18, 2011

Piece of Cake

Linda wants to make Violet’s first birthday cake herself. She wants it to be delicious and vegan, but, apart from the fact that neither of us know anything about making a cake for 30+ people, we also have to deal with the fact that timing is tight. Both of us worked today. That leaves tonight and tomorrow morning to make this cake happen. The party’s tomorrow at 2 PM. Linda went out earlier in the week and got all of the necessary supplies. She planned to come home tonight, eat a quick dinner, get Violet into bed, and start baking. The first three steps went fine, but then she discovered that I used up all the cocoa powder last night, making ice cream for the party (I thought she bought extra!) So, after a quick call to a neighbor and still no cocoa powder, I got in the car and drove into town, meaning the baking didn’t even start until 10:30 PM. Now, it’s 1:30 AM. The two layers of the cake have finished baking. They smell divine and look beautiful, cooling on our kitchen counter. We’re going to bed, but we’re still not sure how one goes about putting the layers together. We’re not quite sure how to frost the cake, either, or how we’ll transport it to the party…

The worst part? A week ago, Linda said, "I'm going to make cupcakes for Violet's party," and I said, "No! Just make a cake. It's so much easier than cupcakes."

362 days old

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