Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zucchini Surprise

Last night, we gave Violet a healthy serving of mashed zucchini. Today, I received this text from Linda…

198 days old


  1. That, wow, really qualifies as a 911 text.
    Best wishes --->

  2. Ha, yeah, it does sort of change things on the back end. You'll get used to it! And so will Violet -- her little digestive system is just getting used to all this non-milk stuff, but once she's in gear, things will be a lot smoother.

    We went through an interesting few days every time we introduced a new food. Once Macie got used to it, things got a little more normal. And thankfully, we have the changing table right near a window!

  3. Caryn - thank you! The police did stop by, she texted them first.

  4. Amy,
    OK, but how many times did she poop? Violet's only going like every three days and we can't help being concerned.

  5. One word: prunes. Earth's Best has Stage 1 prunes in little glass jars. Macie LOVED them, and they made everything move along nicely. In a few months, there's a stage 2 prunes and oatmeal. You need to use that stuff sparingly, unless you enjoy blowouts.

  6. Amy - thank you, thank you, thank you! We are just ending our 6th poopless day and Linda's planning on calling the pediatrician. Everyone's telling us it's not a big deal, that babies can go 6-10 days without pooping, and so on, and so on, but we can't help being concerned when we're giving her squash and sweet potatoes every day and still the catcher's mitt is just wet. Earth's Best Prunes will be in our grocery cart tomorrow thanks to you.