Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Father's Day / Violet's Baptism

Violet's baptism was today. We figured we should give Violet a bath beforehand, so last night, I did the honors. I had to do it solo and use the bathroom sink because Linda had comandeered the kitchen, needing to make 48 cupcakes for the after party. We've been using the kitchen sink for the past few months, so putting her back into bathroom sink provided a startling view of how much she's grown.

Here she is in the bathroom sink in November:

And here she is last night:

This morning, with cupcakes, Violet, and a million other things in tow, we left for the day. The ceremony was lovely, and Violet was well-behaved. Despite sweltering in her heavy baptism dress, she only cried briefly a few times, owing mostly to the fact that Linda was good at distracting her with a ladybug finger puppet.

As with the baby shower way back in October, Linda and I were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and generosity from our family. By dumb luck and the fact that we've always lived in small houses, we've never had to put on a party before, but Linda's mom, Violet's godmother, and her middle namesake aunt did most of the work, preparing enough food to feed twice as many people as were there. My brother's family allowed us all to descend on their home, and they did the setting up, serving, and cleaning up. We couldn't help feeling guilty - all we did was provide the guest of honor..

But here was my favorite moment from Father's Day #1 - after we got back home, all the food was put away, and we were in comfortable clothes:

210 days old


  1. Thank you, Caryn and Tony - your comments made me smile.