Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Airholes and a Cushioned Interior Required

I told Linda that I can’t wait until Violet can start interacting verbally, that I can’t wait to have a conversation with her. She reminded me for the umpteenth time that I shouldn’t wish away Violet’s current state, and she’s right because Violet’s current state is a wonderful thing. Smiles bloom easily and often, and neither of us can get enough of them. I wonder if we ever will. Violet's restlessness is mounting, however; She rolls over as often as a marble on an uneven floor and spinning herself on her stomach is now old news. Put her down at one end of the crib on her back, turn away, and within a few breaths she’s on her stomach at the other end of the crib, assaulting some unsuspecting toy. Within the past two weeks, we’ve become like outfielders, leaping across the room to prevent her from rolling off beds or counters - no errors yet, and just today, we both noticed her raising herself up on all fours and looking about, admiring the new view from four inches higher. Soon, she will put it all together – the rolling, the spinning, up on all fours, and we will have a different sort of animal on our hands – one that is mobile, and ours will become a house with baby gates. I will admit that I find that terrifying, mostly because we live on the second floor of a house with steep stairs, stairs that I have fallen down more than once. I also know me – I can’t be trusted to remember to close a baby gate. Do they make infant-sized hamster balls?

213 days old

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