Sunday, October 9, 2011

Easy Like a Christmas Morning

We hoped to sleep in this morning. Sometimes, Violet is willing to let us. It’s usually on the days we can’t sleep in, when work or some other obligation requires an early rising, but we appreciate her attempts to give us the opportunity. Today was not one of those days. At , Violet felt it was time to start the day. She stood in her crib, a few feet away from our bed, hands clutching the rail. She cried her “good morning” cry in our direction – the tenth month old version of a subtle hint. The moan that came from Linda’s side of the bed told me she shared my frustration. I hauled myself out of bed and plucked Violet from the crib, holding her close. By now Linda and I both know, no matter how disappointing it is to see our chance to sleep in evaporate with a single cry, the feeling of disappointment will dissipate just as quickly; as soon as Violet is close and smiles, excited to be with us. As I brought Violet into bed, Linda said, “It’s like everyday is Christmas morning. You have to get up early, but you don’t care because it’s Christmas.”

322 days old

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